Who is Camilla Araujo Player 067 from Mr Beast Squid Games, biography, age, Instagram, photos (2024)

Camilla Araujo who gained initial fame as player 067 on Mr Beast’s Squid Game video, is now an OF model, find out her biography and more details about her below

Camilla Araujo became an internet sensation after appearing on MrBeast’s real-life Squid Game back in 2021.

Telling my brother about my OF… 🌶️😬 pic.twitter.com/1Glm5bSLds

— Camilla Araujo (@Camilla_ara1) August 17, 2023

Araujo was one of the most noticeable characters on Mr Beast’s video and the most popular on social media ever since.

Camilla Araujo brief bio

Camilla Araujo is an American social media personality who was born on May 1, 2002, in the United States. Araujo gained internet fame after appearing as Player 067 on MrBeast’s $456,000 Squid Game in Real Life! Video. Ever since appearing on the video, she has garnered a large following across various social media platforms. Following this development, she has made the most of her fame by making a career out of creating online content.


While the names of Camila’s parents are not publicly available, her father is reportedly a businessman, while her mother is a housewife.

Age and height

Camilla Araujo is currently 21 years old and stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inch (175 cm).


Social media

Camilla Araujo has quite the following on social media. She has an Instagram account with the handle @thecamillaara where she has almost 300K followers. Moreover, she has about 623.1K followers on her TikTok account. Her YouTube channel on the other hand, boasts of over 795K subscribers.

Camilla Araujo on MrBeast’s Squid Game video

Camilla most famously appeared on The MrBeast Squid Game video which ran for 25 minutes and 41 seconds. However, Camilla got cut out of the game around the 12:43 mark in a duo match. The now OF model got eliminated after she failed to throw a marble as far as her partner #431. Although she did not win the $4,56,000 prize money at MrBeast’s Squid Game, Camilla Araujo has now cemented her spot on social media.

Camilla Araujo profession and career

Back in December 2021, Camilla posted a video on her YouTube channel where she challenges her best friends and ex-boyfriends over who knew her better. Just four months later, the video garnered over 18,000 total views. A large part of this is thanks to her appearance on the MrBeast Squid Game video.

Aside from her YouTube videos, Araujo also has a successful modeling career and often posts her content on her Instagram page, @camilla.araujo. Aside from posting her own pictures, the Camilla Araujo also creates fun and chatty content like attending parties or visiting the beach and asking fun questions to people. In some of her videos, she ask questions like:


What’s the biggest ick a guy has ever given you,”


Who do you think has it harder in society men or women.”

Moreover, Camilla Aaraujo recently decided to become an OF model and has been promoting her page across social media. So far, the model has posted around 743 posts on her page.

Camilla Araujo makes her ‘younger brother’ promote her OF

Just a few weeks back, Camilla posted a now viral video where she asks her “brother” to promote her newly opened page. The video, posted on August 12, shows a skimpily dressed Camilla asking her “brother”:


So how does it feel like to have a sister that has an OF?”

Meanwhile, the pre-teen-looking boy replies:

My friends always ask me if it’s pink, but I don’t really know what they mean by that.”

Although it is unclear if the boy in the video is really Camilla’s brother. The video went viral on Twitter after many fans expressed their shock and thought that it was super “weird.” However, the Instagram model seemed oblivious to comments and simply posted another video of her brother. The second video features her “brother”, who is yelling at her when she calls to check on him. Upon picking up the phone, he instantly starts screaming at her saying:

I’m blowing up on Twitter, I’m fighting for my life on my group chat”.

Camilla Araujo net worth

According to various sources, Camilla Araujo has an estimated net worth of around $1M as of 2023. Most of her earnings come from her success as an Instagram model, makeup artist, and social media influencer. She also earns some substantial income from her modeling career and YouTube presence.

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Who is Camilla Araujo Player 067 from Mr Beast Squid Games, biography, age, Instagram, photos (2024)
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