Baldur's Gate 3: How To Beat Malus Thorm (2024)

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an incredible game that has been the center of attention for gamers everywhere ever since its release. This game has an incredible cast of characters, both allies and enemies. The player will meet many interesting individuals throughout their run, some crazier than others, and Malus Thorm is one of those characters.


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Defeating him can be challenging, but there are ways to make it easier, and even a way to completely ditch the fight and instead talk your way through it.

Who is Malus Thorm?

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Malus Thorm is a character the player will meet while exploring Baldur’s Gate 3’s Second Act. He is a follower of the Dark Faith, being a very twisted follower of the Goddess Shar, the goddess of Darkness and Loss. Shar happens to be Shadowheart’s patron deity as well and is an important figure in the game, especially in the Shadow Cursed Lands.

As a follower of the Dark Faith, Malus Thorm is a surgeon who is deep in his art of mutilation and of putting people through pain. At his side are his Undead Nurses, whom he trains to master these skills as well.

Where to Find Malus Thorm?

To find Malus Thorm, the player must first make it to Baldur’s Gate 3’s Second Act, which will take them to the Shadow Cursed Lands.

The player will then have to pass by the Last Light Inn and acquire a lantern to advance deeper into the Shadow Cursed Lands.

Malus Thorm will be located in a building known as the House of Healing. To reach that location, the player will first have to reach Reithwin Town.

The coordinates for the house of healing are X:-214 and Y:-24. The player just has to first go up the stairs to reach the entrance to the House Of Healing.

The player will run into Sister Sinda, one of the undead nurses. She will ask the player to stay in line, but the player should tell her that they don’t have time to wait and that they need to see the doctor.

After that, the player will have some options to get through, one being deceiving her into believing the player is the doctor’s new assistant. If the player is successful, she will let them pass. All you have to do now is continue ahead through a door and you will find Malus Thorm torturing a man with a few undead nurses.

How To Beat Malus Thorm

Once you find Malus Thorm, you have options when it comes to taking him down. Either you attack and kill him the usual way, or you can talk him into ending his own life, or getting his own nurses to kill him, thus avoiding the whole fight.

Beating Malus Thorm in a Fight

Malus Thorm has a very high HP of 276 Hit Points. Meanwhile, his undead nurses each have 48.

The player should definitely first focus on Malus Thorm’s nurses in this fight, as the player will be able to chip at his HP a lot faster once they’re all down and he’s the only one left standing. His nurses can be especially problematic as they can, for example, inflict Confusion on the player, which will make them unable to control some characters.

One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that Malus Thorm can revive his nurses after they die and grant them some HP. He can only revive one nurse at a time, and he will typically do this each turn if they’re all fallen. The player should try to take down the revived nurse each turn when she’s revived so that the rest of the characters can focus on Thorm as nurses will heavily disrupt the fight.

With this tactic, the player should be able to take down Malus Thorm with no issues, as, on his own he isn’t that powerful. However while fighting him, characters might also get frightened and be rendered immobile. So, you should definitely make sure those characters are able to attack from a distance when needed.

Beating Malus Thorm Without Fighting

Malus Thorm can also be defeated without actually being taken on in a fight. The player can have varying results, depending on how the conversation goes with him, either leading to his and his nurses’ death, or just his own.

Getting him killed with his nurses is the optimal result, however, as it will allow the player to explore more freely.


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To achieve the best result, the player should examine the sisters and their implements when given the opportunity. The player will have to pass a 14 Investigation dice roll check. When that is done, the player will be able to point out that the sisters’ blades are uneven and suggest that they need further training.

The player then has the option to suggest that they practice on Malus or each other. The player should have them practice on each other to get rid of them. The player will need to pass a 21 Persuasion check. The sisters will then cut each other to death.

With that done, the player just had to pass a Deception check of 21 to get Malus to end his own life.

With that, you will have defeated Malus and his nurses without even lifting a finger.

Should the Player Save The Distressed Patient?

After you defeat Malus Thorm and his undead nurses, you will have the option to unlock the restraints on the distressed patient that they were operating on. If the player chooses to unlock the restraints, the man will simply run away, not harming or benefiting the player in any way.

It’s important to note that if the player actually fights Malus Thorm, it’s likely the distressed patient will die due to the fighting, so if the player is keen on saving the patient for whatever reason, then the non-fighting way of defeating Thorm is probably better. Note that leading the nurses to kill Thorm will also lead to the patient’s death as Thorm will kill him.

What Loot Malus Thorm and his Undead Nurses Have?

One of the biggest rewards of winning a fight is, of course, the opportunity to loot the bodies for some interesting rewards.

When it comes to Malus Thorm, here’s what he has on:

- 64 cold coins

- Surgeon’s Subjugation Amulet

- Battered Lute

- A Key

- A Supply Pack

- A Sylvan Stone

- A Timmask Spores

- A Pegasus Feather

Malus also has his undead nurses that the player can loot.

First Sister Hunna has:

- Karabasan’s Gift

- Bonesaw

Sister Geanne has:

- Karabasan’s Gift

- Artificial Leech

Sister Anya has:

- Karabasan’s Gift

- Syringe

Finally, Sister Vanessa has:

- Karabasan’s Gift

- Trepan

You will also be able to find a lot of great items around the House of Healing when you explore it further, and one such item is the Poisoner’s Gloves, found in a chest nearby.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to play on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.

Baldur's Gate 3: How To Beat Malus Thorm (4)
Baldur's Gate 3
PC , macOS , PS5 , Xbox Series X
Larian Studios

How Long To Beat
30 Hours



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Baldur's Gate 3: How To Beat Malus Thorm (2024)
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