Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3): Avoid combat entirely by defeating all Thorms with these dialogue choices (2024)

There are many instances where you can avoid combat and talk it out inBaldur’s Gate 3, but the Thorm bosses you find in the Shadow-Cursed Lands can all be defeated with the right dialogue choices. Not just defeated as in incapacitated or they let you get what you want — with the right dialogue choices and successful skill checks, you can eliminate every Thorm boss in BG3. Here’s how!

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Note: To get to the Thorm bosses, you would benefit greatly from having all three Moonlanterns on you at all times to thwart the Shadow Curse.

Best way to defeat all Thorm bosses inBaldur’s Gate 3| Malus, Gerringothe, Thisobald

Yes, you can defeat every Thorm boss inBaldur’s Gate 3 with the right dialogue options, but you won’t pass the extremely high skill checks without good Charisma and proficiencies. Have the party member with the most Charisma, like a Bard or a Warlock, talk to the Thorm bosses to have the best chances at defeating them all through conversations.

How to defeat Thisobald in conversation

Thisobald Thorm is found in The Waning Moon tavern directly west of the Moonrise Towers fast travel point.

To beat Thisobald in conversation, you need to pass several Saving Throws and Performance checks to out-drink Thisobald. I believe there are three Saving Throw checks which you should pass by selecting your class proficiency advantage if there is one and three Performance checks when you tell stories of your adventures.

For a full breakdown of beating Thisobald Thorm in combat and conversation, check out our guide.

How to defeat Gerringothe in conversation

Gerringothe is the Thorm covered in gold and is found at the Tollhouse northeast of Moonrise Towers. Go to the center of Tollhouse and walk up the stairs to find Gerringothe.

After giving Gerringothe one gold, I chose the dialogue option about not handing out gold for little in return. Keep asking questions instead of attacking or giving her gold and you’ll eventually get more dialogue options. I got a Monk-specific dialogue option that allowed me to caution Gerringothe about the ensnaring nature of gold. My check was a DC 18, and I think most checks will be around that.

After you get Gerringothe to start questioning herself, you can make a Persuasion, Deception, or Intimidation skill check. Go with whatever you’re most proficient in because these checks will be hard to pass. Whatever you choose, the DC is 21, so you need a critical success to pass or proficiencies and advantages to help out.

After successfully passing your skill check, Gerringothe and all her minions will explode. Be sure to grab the Twist of Fortune Morningstar.

I’ve also seen people on Reddit say that if you give her all your gold, you can start combat and shove her off a ledge to deal around 600 damage which immediately kills Gerringothe. Like always, there are multiple ways of solving this puzzle.

How to defeat Malus in conversation

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Malus Thorm is found in the House of Healing northwest of Moonrise Towers. There are many options to defeat Malus through dialogue options which makes taking him down all the more fun.

To defeat Malus in conversation, I chose the dialogue options that play along with Malus’ twisted experiment. You can then roll an Investigation, Religion, or Persuasion skill check to continue. The DC is 16, so pick whatever you’re proficient in.

I chose Persuasion and had the nurses turn on their master. I didn’t have them turn on each other because if you do that, you need to pass another skill check to have Malus kill himself.

And that is how you defeat the three Thorm bosses in conversations. Of course, if you fail, you’ll need to engage in combat and beat each Thorm boss in different ways. I doubt Ketheric Thorm can be defeated with a simple conversation like the other Thorm bosses can, but we’ll have to see. I haven’t gotten that far and I haven’t found research on that yet.

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Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3): Avoid combat entirely by defeating all Thorms with these dialogue choices (2024)
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