10 Things IShowSpeed Can't Live Without (2024)

Oh, that's dope.

I never hold one of these. What's up GQ?

These are 10 things that I can't live without.

Let's get into it.

[upbeat music]

US Passport, I left my Portugal one at home,

but this is the one.

In order for me to see Ronald to play,

I had to get a passport.

I had to go to the UK.

My goal one day is to travel to every country,

is to do a stream at every country one day.

That's one of my goals, I'm probably like at 12 right now.

Listen, everywhere I went, I went to Saudi Arabia, Dubai,

UK, America, Portugal, Brazil,

North Korea and South Korea.

Oh, France, oh, I'm tripping.

Yeah, I went to Paris, Turkey.

I've been to Turkey too, I've been to Turkey as well.

Japan is 11, oh, I will be going to Albania.

[Interviewer] What's a place you went that shocked you

that somebody knew you, like people knew you?

People from Turkey, Korea, and Japan.

I was shocked that they knew me.

I didn't expect the Korea to be like that at all.

Like this dude gave me a $20,000 chain,

just from just seeing him at the club.

That sh*t was crazy, people in Korea is crazy.

I got like, I had to literally buy a whole new suitcase

'cause they brought me so many gifts.

If I moved out of the States,

I'll probably either move to maybe Portugal,

Portugal or Brazil.

[upbeat music]

So this is a football, obviously I cannot live without this.

I gotta practice my skills, you know,

to become, you know, the goat.

I just got signed at Man United.

So I have to get better at the game, you know,

if they put me in that striker position,

you know, that's how I can contribute.

You know, I can get the team hype.

There's not really a striker right now.

There's like no, there's no striker but Haaland you know?

[keyboard clicking]

[Interviewer] That's the wrong Manchester team.

[keyboard clicking]

Did you mean this guy?

I'm probably like one of the closest to Ronaldo.

Like his game, the step overs,

like just how the way I carry myself on the field.

What's funny,

[Interviewer] Are you the best influencer footballer?

Who would you say is below you, right below you?

I say either Minister or KSI.

Chris is pretty good and Philly

and they're like, they're not as me,

but they're pretty good.

Not on my level, not at all.

But if they practice harder, they could get like me.

[Interviewer] When did you first get into soccer?

When I first, probably around in the nineteens, I'd say

about the nineteens, like the nineties.

The nineties, the eighties

is when I first got into the sport.

[Interviewer] But wait, what year were you born?

I was born in 2005.

[upbeat music]

My next in two is fried chicken.

Y'all already know why I like chicken.

[chicken crunches] Mm woo-woo.

One time I flew my grandma out

to come to my place just for her to make some fried chicken

and I was eating it for like two or three days.

[Interviewer] Is there like a tier list

of fried chicken places?

Yeah, I put my grandma's number one,

two KFC, three Popeyes, four Church's.

What's our fry? Oh, Korean fried chicken.

I put that at third matter of fact,

Korean fried chicken is very good.

Korean third, four Popeyes, five Church's.

Oh, Nando's, Nando's is good, Nando's got a good chicken.

I might put that, matter of fact,

I might put that right below Popeye's.

[upbeat music]

My next situ is Vaseline/lotion.

You know, people always say I'm ashy,

so I try to keep it like,

lemme see if I'm ashy right now.

What do y'all think?

Pretty good.

[Interviewer] Make some money on the internet, bro.

[upbeat music]

I was talking to Kevin Durant,

he literally looked at my legs

and said, You ashy as [bleep].

That right there, that changed me.

You know, it really made me mad.

'cause KD's the one that's really ashy.

It was a picture of a meme.

You should put the picture right here.

It was a picture of KD

and his legs is like completely white.

Like, bro, how you gonna say I'm ashy,

but you don't even put on lotion.

But yeah, so now I try to put Vaseline lotion on now

[Interviewer] You prefer Vaseline over lotion or like,

Oh, I feel like Vaseline feels better

because it like lasts longer and lotion sometimes burn.

Oh my hands, oh we were,

oh we were talking my hands the whole time.

[upbeat music]

My next essential is an iPad.

I do travel a lot and I get 'em home a lot.

So I like watching anime on here.

I like watching highlights on here.

I like watching YouTube TV.

It comes in clutch.

I really like the iPad a lot.

Top five animes?

My fifth favorite anime, I will maybe have to go with

this show called Erased.

You probably don't know it.

Four will have to be this one called Kingdom.

Y'all don't probably know what Kingdom is either

because it's kind of underrated again.

Third one, I'll maybe have to go with Black Clover.

Y'all probably know that one.

Second, I might have to go with Naruto.

And first one is [drum roll]One Piece.

My boy Luffy bro, One Piece is my favorite,

favorite show of all time.

Back in quarantine I was like really sad and depressed bro.

It was no school but during quarantine

they put One Piece on Netflix.

I would actually loved it, wait,

that's actually my brother's calling me right now.


[Jamal] Oh my God. It's actually, hey, what's up bro?

Yo, I'm doing a video right now.

[Jamal] Oh snap, what's up everybody?

What's up?

[Jamal] Oh, I'm gonna let you.

Alright, Jamal.

[Jamal] Alright.

Okay, that's my brother Jamal.

But what was, yeah, what was I talking about?

Like, I always knew what One Piece was,

but I never clicked to watch it.

'cause I thought it came out in 1999.

It was old and it's long.

So I clicked the first episode

and that day I watched like 40 of it, like that day.

And I was just addicted to it every day.

I woke up the next day, 40, next day 40.

[Interviewer] Would you ever do voiceover in an anime?

Oh yeah, I would love to do that, hell yeah.

Hopefully one day, probably in the works already, who knows?

[upbeat music]

Woo, obviously travel a lot,

you know, I do sweat a lot,

so I do need to have an extra pair of draws everywhere I go.

Fresh pair of boxers, you know,

I do back flips all the time.

I bark a lot, you know, I dance a lot,

so I gotta have a fresh pair of boxers.

[Interviewer] What type of boxers are those bro?

Oh, these are the CR7's.

I usually wear either CR7's or what,

what I got on right now.

I got my boy Raphael Leo draws on so, turn me up.

[Interviewer] Why you got`Ronaldo boxes though?

Because he sent it to me.

He like, he actually sent it to me, like I,

like I got a box sent to me and it was a sign.

I should have brought those.

It was a signed underwear.

These underwear are very legendary,

[Interviewer] That specific pair.

Hm hm

[Interviewer] So those, they not really clean or they like

Nah, they clean, smell 'em.

[Interviewer] No, no, no, no, no.

Cole smell 'em.

[Interviewer] I'm good like,

Bro, they're literally clean.

[Interviewer] Like you wore them already?

Yeah, I wore 'em, but I washed them.

[Interviewer] I'm good.

So nobody's gonna take the offer ?

[Man 1] No, no, nah.

Come on, you wanna smell 'em?

[Interviewer] Nah, I think we good.

Like I think, I think we, I think we good.

[upbeat music]

The essential, the Ronaldo kits and accessories.

Can I go anywhere without a Ronaldo kit?

Anywhere I go I always have to show my love.

I always have to show my support.

[Interviewer] What's your favorite kit?

My favorite kit, 2008 away, Ronaldo kit.

Black, black and Red.

Obviously I have to always wear the Ronaldo watch as well.

Always gotta bring this.

This is 50K and this Ronaldo chain is 50k as well.

What I really like about this is like,

it has diamonds on his kit,

it has diamonds like right here too.

The boots has diamonds, everything what he's wearing,

it has diamonds.

Saudi from TP made this chain, by the way,

just so you know.

You know I'm the biggest Ronaldo fan,

so I gotta, you know, I gotta carry.

Oh yeah, hey come here.


But aside from everything, you know,

I gotta bring all this sh*t with me.

You know, like every time I fly on a plane,

you know, I have to bring his presence.

You know, his aura you know,

it's his aura coming outta that.

This is the man, you know, got to do what I gotta do.


So, this is it.

[Interviewer] What would you say to him right now

if he was here?

I don't even know, I probably just kiss him on his lips.

Nah, if he was here right now, I would just say,

I would've tell him like, bro, like, I love you bro.

Let's do a stream bro,

that's one of my dreams one day

is to do a stream or video.

If you watch Messi play and Ronaldo play,

you would get a clear view on which one is better.

He looks better first of all, just look at his face,

look at the appearance

and his free kicks are insane

and his kicks are insane.

[Interviewer] I mean, Messi's the goat.

Messi is not the goat.

[Interviewer] Messi's the goat.

Messi is not the goat.

[Interviewer] Messi's better, Messi's the goat

Messi's not better.

[Interviewer] Messi's better.

Please stop talking, I just said Messi's not

[Interviewer] Messi's better.

[Interviewer] I said Ronaldo's better. Messi.

[Interviewer] I said Ronaldo better. Messi.

[Interviewer] Prove it. Messi.

[Interviewer] Ronaldo. Messi.

[Interviewer] Ronaldo. Messi.

[Interviewer] Ronaldo. Messi.

[Barking noises]

[interviewer laughs]


Take him away, alright Ronaldo, see you in London.

[upbeat music]

Okay, my next essential is Foam Runners.

My babies, these are my things right here.

I cannot go a day without these.

I put 'em on everything I do.

Football, basketball, baseball.

Name it all, swimming.

2021, I used to wear Crocs.

Only thing about those they were loose.

So I was like, and I, you know,

I always like to stay comfortable.

[Interviewer] How many countries have those seen?

These seen around three or four.

These probably seen like seven, eight.

These like the ones that I wear all the time.

[Interviewer] Why the mismatch though?

'cause I got so many pair.

It just be like, you know what, let me just wear two

and bro, and it's cool.

I have around like 20 pairs.

They're comfortable, they're amazing.

But in a minute I have to retire these unfortunately,

I might be working on something.

So stay tuned, just stay tuned.

That's all I gotta say.

I'm not gonna say nothing self, so just stay tuned.

These will have to be going to retirement in a minute.

[upbeat music]

My next essential, obviously I'm a streamer,

obviously I need to go live.

So, got my man Slip, the cameraman.

And obviously we got the live YouTube.

So these are the tools.

So y'all see clips of me going live,

this is the tool you need, FX three.

And this is a LiveU, Solo LiveU.

Put the things in there and just,

Well, we can show 'em real quick.

Yeah show 'em, why not, why not show 'em

the behind the scenes of going live.

[Slip] Plug it in,

Plug that in.

[Slip] And then you're good to go.

You just press go-live.

Then you go live, that's all it is.

So that's what I do every single day.

I cannot live without this.

That's one thing I really, really can't live without.

So, obviously I still use the phone.

I still use a phone to go live as well,

for places that don't allow this.

'cause obviously some, Stadiums.

Stadiums, I went to the Ballon d'Or,

one of my biggest, biggest streams,

The biggest stream. The World Cup.

Yeah, my World Cup was one of my biggest stream.

The World Cup final,

so I have to stream on the phone as well.

So phone is a good essential too.

This is just way better all around.

Yeah, just way better.

[Interviewer] Where did y'all meet?

We met back in 2022.

I needed a music video shot.

It was Shake, Pt.2,

I don't even know how I found him.

I think I was just checking my dm.

I think he texted me or some sh*t.

It's not true, you texted me first.

Oh, I texted you first, oh.

When you started doing training for the charity match?

Yeah oh, exactly. That's when it was

like turned into a full-time thing.

Yeah, exactly and I started training

so I would start vlogging a lot.

That's when I started vlogging.

Then it just stacked on stack, on stack,

on stack from there, really.

[Interviewer] What do you guys have planned

this year for your fans?

There's some stuff coming up.

I don't know if he wants me to talk about it but

What? [bleeps]

Oh yeah, I got more to come this year too.

Yeah, there's some stuff.

More crazy, I don't know how we going do it.

[upbeat music]

Alright guys, that was the nine things,

but the last one, nothing but the most important

and the most perfect is you guys.

You guys, the support y'all gimme,

the love, my fans.

I appreciate all of y'all

and I love y'all from the bottom of my heart.

It's great to have a whole gang by your side you know,

that supports you and helps you.

It's amazing, It's like having 24 million friends.

Some of 'em might be weird, some of them might be fake,

but you know, at the end of the day, they support you.

Love y'all, thank y'all so much.

Ronaldo gang for life.

Speed gang for life.

Peace out.


10 Things IShowSpeed Can't Live Without (2024)


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